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Is the Home’s Air Conditioner Reaching the End of Its Life? It May be Time to Call for AC Services

While the average home AC unit lasts approximately a decade, it’s likely that, for some of that time, it may provide a less-than-optimal level of performance and comfort. Certain factors affect a system’s lifespan, such as: Brand or model How often the system is used How often the air filter is changed Proper sizing Installation

6 Questions to Ask Before Residential HVAC Installation in Pittsburg, KS

Good consumers know what to look for and when to ask questions. As a sizable investment, selecting the right air conditioning unit is a major decision. Read on to learn several questions to ask before HVAC Installation in Pittsburg KS. Are the Installer’s Qualifications Available? First, customers must verify the contractor’s qualifications. Ask about the

The Indicators That You Need an Expert Plumbing Repair in Mt. Lebanon, PA

Long before America became the bustling, modernized nation that we know today, the country was occupied by Hohokam Indian tribes, who are coincidentally renowned for inventing the first-ever irrigation networks in the United States. From 350 BCE to approximately 1450 AD, these early settlers revolutionized the very nature of plumbing and sanitation by establishing extensive,