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4 Signs Your Old House Needs New Plumbing

Few systems in your home are more important than the plumbing. Your house’s pipes deliver water to your family and carry wastewater safely away. They also allow you to wash your dishes, mop your floors, and bathe yourself. Because of this, every homeowner wants a plumbing system that functions well. If you live in an older home, though, your pipes might be past their prime. While only experienced Park Ridge plumbers can tell you if it is time to replace your pipes, you can watch for four signs your old house needs new plumbing.

1. Your Pipes’ Material Expired a Long Time Ago

Your house’s pipes are like a gallon of milk in your fridge. While it may taste fine and be fine after its expiration date, you know that it soon will need to be replaced. Your pipes are the same way. They have an expiration date. While you may not notice any problems with your plumbing, once your pipes’ materials reach the end of their lifespan, you know you will soon need to replace them. Fortunately, many of the customary pipe materials last quite a while. Galvanized steel and brass can last up to 100 years, while copper has a lifespan of approximately 75 years. Meanwhile, PVC pipe might only last a couple decades. If you are unsure of the age of your pipe’s material, look at your home inspection report or contact experienced Park Ridge plumbers.

2. You Have Leaks

Because your pipes are all probably the same age and in the same condition, a leak anywhere in your plumbing system could signal the need for a complete replacement. Certainly, if you have many leaks throughout your plumbing, you should probably consider re-piping your entire house.

3. Your Pipes are Lead or Polybutylene

Before society caught on to the negative health effects of lead and polybutylene, builders frequently used these in residential plumbing. Today, we understand that even trace amounts of these substances can lead to significant health problems. If a test indicates you have unacceptable amounts in your water, you must replace your pipes.

4. Your Water Looks, Smells, or Tastes Bad

When your pipes have gone bad, your water will often tell on them. As pipes rust, water can take on a brown or yellow tint. With excessive buildup or corrosion, water often begins to smell and taste funny. If your water is disgusting, you might need to replace your pipes.

While only skilled Park Ridge plumbers can tell you if you need to re-pipe your home, you can watch for these four signs that you might need new plumbing.

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