5 Reasons to Hire Plumbing Companies in Rockford, IL

by | Apr 5, 2024 | Plumbing

Clogged drains can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare, and, if multiple drains clog, there may be a problem with the home’s sewer drain. Plumbing companies in Rockford, IL, have a few options to address clogs, but hydro-jet cleaning is one of the best. Here, homeowners can learn why hydro-jet drain cleaning is more effective than other methods.

It’s Good at Clearing Major Blockages

Snakes and chemical cleaners are good for small, localised blocks. However, when grime, grease, and hair build up over the years, these methods may not work. A hydro-jet is composed of a tank, pump, hose, engine, and nozzles through which the plumber sends a pressurised stream of water into the pipes. The blasting water completely cleans the drain of all types of buildup.

It Quickly Removes Grease and Oil

If grease and oil buildup have contributed to a drain clog, hydro-jet cleaning is the right solution. Over the years, grease and oil can build up on pipe walls. Snakes and chemicals can reduce central blockages, but they don’t work well on the sides of pipes. However, hydro-jetting can easily remove these substances.

Removal of Tree Roots

Plumbing snakes cannot handle thick, strong tree roots. However, the force of a hydro-jet cleaner can break them up. While other methods can remove some roots, hydro-jetting is effective around bends and in close quarters. This cleaning method addresses every part of the pipe and can reach any area.

Avoiding Chemical Cleaners

Some cleaners are great at breaking up clogs, but they can be dangerous as well. When these cleaners come into contact with a user’s skin, they can cause burns, rashes, and other serious injuries. Additionally, inhaling fumes can cause respiratory issues. Because the hydro-jet cleaner only uses water, it poses no risk to the family.

Preventing Future Problems

As mentioned earlier, hydro-jetting cleans the home’s plumbing of stubborn clogs. By removing all debris and buildup, the cleaning process reduces the chance of future clog-related issues. After a cleaning, plumbing companies in Rockford, IL, will inspect the pipes with a special camera to ensure they’re completely clear.

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