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6 Questions Before Choosing a Plumber

Are your pipes giving you some trouble? Don’t try to DIY your way out of that problem. If you have little to no experience and rely only on online how-to guides, hire a pro. Look for a professional plumber to fix the problem. Keep these questions in mind before you hire one.

Are You Insured?

Don’t skip that question. If you hire an uninsured plumber you’ll be liable for their medical costs if they sustain an injury on your property. If you don’t want to be left holding the bag, it’s best to ask if your plumber in Twin Cities, MNis insured.

Are You Licensed?

A license means that the plumber is trained to provide services that meet industry standards. That’s another reassuring bit of information. Knowing that your plumber is trained means they’ll know their way around your system. That prevents mistakes that could damage your plumbing system further.

How Much Experience Do You Have?

The more experience they have, the better. There’s no substitute for experience and finding a company that’s been in business for years is ideal. They have the resources and wealth of experience to provide for your plumbing repair needs.

What’s Their Schedule?

Not everyone requires emergency services. Plenty of plumbing problems start with a little trouble. As soon as you see those signs, call for repair assistance. The sooner you do, the quicker they can nip those problems in the bud. Find out how long the wait time is. Do they offer same-day service? Ask.

How Much Will It Cost?

Find out how much the service will cost. Some companies offer rates for specific tasks. Are they reasonable? What can cause you extra charges? Find out.

Are There Any Discounts?

Some plumbing companies offer specials and promos. Be sure to check them out. You can qualify for discounts, special offers, and more. Schedule your appointment with Ron the Sewer Rat and let the experts handle your drain cleaning and sewer inspection issue. Call (612)389-9669

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