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6 Questions to Ask Before Residential HVAC Installation in Wheaton

Good consumers know what to look for and when to ask questions. As a sizable investment, selecting the right air conditioning unit is a major decision. Read on to learn several questions to ask before HVAC Installation in Wheaton.

Are the Installer’s Qualifications Available?

First, customers must verify the contractor’s qualifications. Ask about the installer’s experience, formal certifications, and industry training. HVAC contractors must have special licenses and registration numbers to service gas appliances as well as refrigeration licensure for HVAC work. Hiring unqualified contractors will result in losses through poor quality work.

Can the Installer Provide an Estimate?

Some installers may try to fix a problem without first providing an upfront estimate. When the technician arrives, ask for an estimate before work begins. It’s the customer’s right to request estimates from other contractors if they’re not satisfied with the installer’s answers.

How Often is Maintenance Needed?

Before the technician leaves, be sure to find out what must be done to keep the unit operating at its peak efficiency. Learn which maintenance chores can be done in-house, and which should be handled by a certified professional.

Are There Any New Technologies to Consider?

Technology advances quickly, and the HVAC industry is not an exception. Before HVAC Installation in Wheaton, ask the technician if there’s anything new to consider, such as a programmable thermostat or a ductless system.

Is There a More Energy-Efficient Option?

A quality HVAC contractor can usually recommend efficient options, including those with the Energy Star designation. While such a system may cost more in the beginning, it can bring long-term savings. Be sure the contractor discusses all available options and is not overly focused on price.

Is a Protection Plan or a Warranty Available?

If the technician is only doing repairs, ask whether the unit is still under warranty, as some expenses may be covered. However, when buying a new unit, it’s a good idea to ask about equipment and service guarantees.

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