6 Things to Know About Residential Plumbing in Cincinnati OH

by | Jul 3, 2017 | Plumbing

Most people take their Plumbing in Cincinnati OH for granted; as long as it works, they forget about it. However, to avoid serious problems, it’s good to learn about the home’s pipes and fixtures. Below are a few things for homeowners to know about residential plumbing.

The Sink Trap Isn’t for Catching Jewelry

Although this is a great secondary benefit of sink traps, it’s not the real purpose. Sink drains are connected to the city’s sewer system, which makes it easy for sewer gas to enter the home. These gases can make occupants sick, and they can even cause an explosion in some cases. However, the sink traps hold water, creating a seal and preventing sewer gas from getting in.

Water Seals May Evaporate

If there’s a bathroom or drain that is only used at certain times, the trap’s water seal may evaporate. This may allow noxious and dangerous sewer gas into the home. It’s best to ask a plumber to install a primer that automatically refills the seal. Alternatively, the homeowner can occasionally fill the trap with mineral oil or water.

Rooftop Pipes are Plumbing Vents

Those white pipes on the rooftop allow air to enter the plumbing system, which lets water flow into sewer pipes. Without these vents, waste and water would drain very slowly. However, when Plumbing in Cincinnati OH is properly vented, sewer gas has a way to escape.

Water Heaters Need Maintenance

Many homeowners delay maintenance, even if they know it’s necessary. A water heater tank may become filled with sediment, the anode rod can deteriorate, and an element may burn out. Hiring a plumber for a yearly cleaning and inspection can keep the home’s water heater from failing prematurely.

The Toilet Can Help Homeowners Save Money

An old, inefficient toilet typically uses up to five gallons per flush. The EPA estimates that toilet flushing accounts for more than 25% of a home’s water usage. Upgrading to a high-efficiency toilet can save thousands over the unit’s life.

Plumbing is a Science

There are unfortunate stereotypes about plumbers, but they are misguided. Plumbing is a scientific field, and it takes tremendous skill to drain waste, prevent sewer gas intrusion and provide proper ventilation. Plumbers provide an important service, and they protect the family’s health and safety.

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