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A Commercial Plumber in Reno NV Resolves Issues With Tree Roots in the Sewer Pipe

People are generally somewhat aware of all the projects and maintenance requirements that come with buying a house, especially if the house is a bit older. If they’ve never lived in a home where sewer backups are a problem, they’ll no doubt feel distressed the first time this happens, even if it’s just laundry water backing up into the basement. A commercial plumber in Reno NV can resolve the trouble and determine what caused the backup.

Most commonly, small tree roots growing into the sewer line between the house and the municipal sewer pipe under the street cause this sort of episode. Often, there’s a secondary culprit in the form of something that shouldn’t have been flushed down the toilet. Although product packaging may say flushing is safe, it’s best not to flush items like tampons, baby wipes or facial tissues. The same goes for paper towels, dental floss, and hair removed from a comb or shower strainer.

A Commercial Plumber in Reno NV uses specialized devices to get at the roots in the sewer line and cut them away. Those roots are attracted to water and fertilizer in the pipe, and it’s natural for them to grow into the little cracks in clay and concrete pipes that occur due to earth shifts and ground settling. One way to prevent this issue in the future is to flush chemical solutions that kill the roots but don’t harm the tree. The homeowners can do this or have a plumber handle the job. Another strategy is to schedule a yearly appointment with a service such as Rapid Rooter to clear roots from the pipe. Of course, making sure everyone who uses the bathroom is responsible about not flushing anything but toilet paper and human waste is also essential.

Some individuals find these episodes particularly disturbing, especially if the sewer backup occurs after flushing the toilet. That’s understandable, but it really shouldn’t mar the family’s satisfaction with their home. Root problems in sewers are very common, and there are effective ways to prevent another incident. Contact us for emergency service or for details on preventive methods.

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