A Trenchless Pipe Lining Makes a Trenchless Repair a Preferred Plumbing Option

by | Mar 20, 2018 | Plumbing

Plumbing used to be more complicated. If you wanted to fix a pipe underground, you needed to dig up the area to see where the repair could be made. However, modern technology has given plumbers the ability to forego this messy and time-consuming practice. Today, plumbers can locate a leak or clog by using video equipment and make the needed repair. Therefore, a plumber does not need to guess where a repair should be made.

Some of the Major Benefits

In fact, you can add a trenchless pipe lining instead of removing an entire pipe. Therefore, both detection and repair services ensure that your plumbing problem will be fully fixed. The benefits of a trenchless pipe repair include the following:

* No digging is needed, thereby leaving the landscape intact.
* No concrete needs to be broken.
* Less labor is used, thereby making the process more cost-efficient.
* The work can be done more quickly.

What the Repair Involves

A trenchless pipe repair involves the following:

* A trenchless pipe lining
* An epoxy sewer lining
* A cured-in-place pipe or CIPP
* A no-excavation repair of the sewer line

When Trenchless Repairs Are Recommended

By opting for a trenchless repair and adding a trenchless pipe lining, you can take care of the following plumbing problems:

* Pipes that have been damaged by tree roots
* The sealing of cracks in pipes
* Filling broken pieces of pipe
* Taking care of gaps in pipes

Who to Contact

If you want to make a plumbing repair that will not disturb your landscape, you need to work with a plumbing contractor that offers trenchless repairs. You can obtain this type of service by contacting a plumbing company such as Behle Inc. today. A trenchless repair is less invasive and is, therefore, the preferred solution for taking care of plumbing repairs beneath the ground. This type of repair is available for homeowners and industrial and commercial properties. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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