An Overview of the Sewer Cleaning in Philadelphia

by | Jun 2, 2017 | Plumbing

Sewers that work efficiently are an important component of maintaining a healthy public hygiene. Sewers are responsible for removing disease-causing organisms, solids, and waste from the residential places for treatment. When one takes a shower or puts a load of washing basin full of dishes, the waste products are flushed out to the sewer network. Over time, the debris can collect causing blockage, thus necessitating a Sewer Cleaning in Philadelphia to get things flowing again.

Most of the residential homes and commercial enterprises are connected to a sewer system. Like many homeowners, if the water in the sink is going down at an abnormally slower rate or the water pressure is low, or the toilet is not flushing completely, chances are, there’s a clogged sewer drain.

Below are some of the issues that call for sewer cleaning process.


Removal of clogs from the sewer tank is the most common issue associated with the sewer system. Often, clogged drains are as a result of the buildup of tissue, hair, soap scum, and other solid wastes that come into contact with the drain pipes. Also, in the event of a major storm, the water drainage pipes might be blocked with leaves.


Leaks are a common issue with the sewer system. Leaks generally occur due to cracks in the drainage pipes. If there’s a major crack or leak in a big sewer pipe under the ground, it may cause immense damage and can be a source of potential hazard. To avert further leaking process in the sewer system, there’s need for a sewer cleaning in Philadelphia to help in curbing the problem.

General sewer cleaning and maintenance should be conducted on a regular basis. Though at times homeowners take the role of cleaning into their hands, it’s crucial to seek the help of a professional for all the sewer cleaning and maintenance needs.

A professional sewer cleaner is well versed with the sewer cleaning techniques and can thus guarantee the desired results. Also, professional sewer cleaners have the necessary equipment to perform the duty. But most importantly is the fact that professional sewer cleaners have an insurance policy because the cleaning process can at times turn ugly. For more information about sewer cleaning in Philadelphia, Visit us.

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