Annual Plumbing Maintenance in West Chester, OH Prevents Problems

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Plumbing

Preventive Plumbing Maintenance in West Chester OH has distinct advantages for homeowners. Annual maintenance allows the plumber to thoroughly inspect and evaluate all the equipment. The plumber determines whether any components should be repaired or replaced to prevent leaks and other malfunctions. The customer builds a professional relationship with the plumber so that, when any repair work does become necessary, the individual already is completely familiar with the system.

Upgrades and New Installation

Ongoing if can signal homeowners when it’s a good time to upgrade and have new fixtures or other features installed. The plumber might discover a large amount of mineral buildup in the water heater, for example. Having a softener installed will dramatically reduce this problem. The anode rod in the heater also should be replaced when this problem is seen, since the rod’s purpose is to neutralize dissolved minerals. Eventually, it wears out.

Rental Properties

Preventive maintenance is valuable for landlords too, although many of them do not schedule the service. Tenants are justifiably upset when the plumbing malfunctions and they have to wait for repair work. Routine inspection and maintenance of the sewer lines, drains, pipes, and water-using appliances can prevent these issues. Tenants stay satisfied and don’t complain to their friends and relatives about the rental situation.

Preventing Emergencies

Sometimes, true emergencies can be prevented with maintenance work by a company such as any. In the rare event of temperatures plummeting far below freezing, plumbing pipes in crawl spaces can freeze and break. A plumber can insulate those pipes so they are not at risk of freezing. Plumbers also can recommend when it’s time to have a water heater replaced before it springs a leak and floods the area.

Household residents can learn how to prevent sewer backups that are primarily caused by tree roots in the underground sewer pipe. Having a plumber cut the roots with a mechanical device once a year should stop these incidents for good. The residents should avoid flushing anything that could catch on tree roots and start causing a blockage. These items include tampons and paper towels since they don’t degrade well.

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