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Dealing With Broken Water Mains in Falls Church, VA

While utility companies are generally responsible for water lines up to a home’s water meter, property owners must deal with broken water mains in Falls Church, VA that occur between the meter and the home. When a water main fails, it’s vitally important to get help from a local plumber quickly.

Make a Call

The first step in getting help is to place a call to a local plumber that’s capable of dealing with broken water mains in Falls Church, VA. When making contact with the plumber, a homeowner may also want to ask about steps to take until the plumbing professional can get to the property. For example, it’s generally a good idea to shut off the water supply at the meter if possible. That will reduce the potential for additional water damage and a higher bill from the water utility.

Identifying the Problem

Once the plumber reaches the scene, it will be necessary to properly assess the extent of the problem. In some cases, the leak may have been caused by direct damage to the line. Vehicles driven over a water line that’s relatively shallow can easily damage the line and create a leak. Digging may also damage a line. Those issues are generally rather simple to deal with, as the damage will be localized.

In other cases, the main water line may have deteriorated to the point it is no longer capable of withstanding the water pressure in the pipe. If that’s the case, the plumber will suggest replacing the entire line, as a patch today won’t keep another break from occurring tomorrow. It’s always a good idea to discuss the issue and all possible solutions with the plumber before agreeing to any repairs.

Developing a Repair Strategy

It’s always important to use a repair strategy that results in the least possible damage to the yard. It can be costly to replace a driveway or sidewalk that is destroyed to replace a water line. There are strategies available that will minimize damage to both landscaping elements and hardscape features during repairs, so take the time to review all the options. While it may cost more to use some water line repair methods, those costs may well be lower than dealing with damaged landscaping and hardscaping features.

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