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Eliminate Sewage Accumulation or Backflow Problems With Superior Sewer Line Repair in Bowie MD

The plumbing in a home or business can get very complex, but there are two pipes that are crucial to proper operation. The first is the fresh water line that supplies the building. The second is the sewer line that removes any waste. The sewer line can connect to either a municipal sewer treatment system or to a local septic system. Sewer pipes are typically large PVC (polyvinyl chloride) sections that are loosely joined or sealed with a resin. The latter is the better option because it reduces the chance of one common reason for Sewer Line Repair in Bowie MD, plant roots.

Plants are always seeking water and the roots they send out can spread through very tiny cracks. Plus, once they enter the pipe and locate the nutrient rich waste flowing through them, their growth speeds up very quickly. This problem can turn into a serious blockage that is very tough to eliminate. Another concern with roots is the damage they cause to the pipe walls as they grow. Thickening roots can force an existing crack to widen and allow the liquid inside the pipes to escape.

In many instances, the first step in Sewer Line Repair in Bowie MD is to examine the pipes. Because sewer lines are buried in the ground, this examination must be done from the inside. The tool that is used is often called a video snake, but it is just a camera feed attached to a long, flexible cable system. The use of a camera like this lets the contractor look for various problems such as cracked pipe walls and broken joints. This tool will need an access point like a pipe vent. If a vent is not available, then the contractor will need to remove the toilet closest to the pipe.

There are two basic methods of sewer line repair. The first is the complete replacement of the pipes. This fix is more reliable, but it causes much more damage to the property because a new trench will need to be dug. The other is the so-called trenchless repair. This fix places a sleeve inside the existing pipe, and the sleeve blocks any damaged areas. The primary issue is that a trenchless repair may not last as long as replacing the broken pipe. Get more details from expert plumbers like those at B. McCall Plumbing Inc.

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