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Engage a Pipe Location Service Before Doing Any Excavating Job

Anyone who owns a twenty-year-old home or older is going to seriously contemplate renovation. A remodelling project or an addition onto the house, or the installation of a root cellar, underground pool, tornado shelter or septic tank, entails major excavation work on the property. The problem is, the house is an old one. It’s been through at least two or three owners before you ever bought it. It is likely that no original plan to the piping running under the property exists or can be found, and neither the previous owner or the estate agent know anything about underground piping. And if either said anything about the matter, after three or five years, it’s been long forgotten.

It is a serious gamble to simply start digging to begin laying that foundation or excavating for a cellar or other underground work. There might be long-forgotten but vital piping running right beneath the site of the planned project, and the digging equipment might sever a gas line or the main water feed to the house. This is why engaging a professional Pipe Location Service before undertaking any such project on the property is essential.

Plumbing contractors used to large scale work beyond installing a toilet or fixing the kitchen sink pipes bring the required knowledge and equipment for jobs such as these. Using several types of location devices such as metal detectors or ground-penetrating radar, they can pinpoint a length of buried piping and expose it with vacuum excavation methods to avoid any danger of accidentally breaching it in the process. The section in question might be a sewer or gas line, or underground power or telephone conduit, or storm drainage pipe. In any case, the successful location and exposure of the piping will enable the project to proceed without risk to cutting any vital connection to the house or entailing a potential safety hazard.

All Pro Plumbing and other similar contractors have better than twenty years in the business, and fully licensed plumbing technicians who have tackled many such jobs in the past and can assist the home-owner in avoiding a huge expense. A professional Pipe Location Service, therefore, is a wise investment for peace of mind as well as the avoidance not only of undue expenses but trouble with the local utility companies and the county or municipality. It is well worth the money spent for the service. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

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