Frequently Asked Questions About Garbage Disposal Installations In Murrieta

by | Dec 19, 2016 | Plumbing

Many homeowners enjoy the convenience of a garbage disposal in their kitchen. When homeowners decide to purchase this device, they should contact a professional who specializes in Garbage Disposal Installations in Murrieta. Read the frequently asked questions listed below to learn important information about garbage disposals.

Are there different sizes of garbage disposals available to homeowners?

Yes, there are three common sizes of garbage disposals, and homeowners can choose the right one for their needs by considering how much the disposal will be used. One or two people who live in a small apartment and don’t generate much food waste can opt for a disposal that has the least amount of horsepower. Small families in a single household should purchase a garbage disposal that has a bit more power. Large families, or households where there is an abundance of kitchen use, will do better with a one horsepower garbage disposal that has higher capabilities.

How can homeowners keep their garbage disposal working as efficiently as possible once it’s installed?

Homeowners can keep their garbage disposal in good working order for many years by paying attention to what they place down into the drain. Food items that are fibrous and stringy, such as corn husks, celery, and asparagus, should never be placed into the garbage disposal. Homeowners should also avoid putting huge amounts of food down the disposal at one time. When individuals have several peelings to place down the disposal, they should do it slowly and take their time by carefully feeding the pieces into the drain. Homeowners should also remember that whenever the garbage disposal is turned on, they should also turn on the cold water faucet so that water runs down into the disposal with the food scraps. The most common garbage disposal repairs are needed when someone puts a food item down the disposal that shouldn’t be there. After homeowners have Garbage Disposal Installations in Murrieta, they should read the owner’s manual to learn how to correctly operate the disposal.

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