High-Definition Camera Technology Is a Game Changer for Sewer Inspection

by | Jun 26, 2019 | Plumbing

Beneath the streets of American cities are 800,000 miles of public sewers. When you add in private lateral sewers that connect private systems to public lines, it’s an additional 500,000 miles.

The city of Providence was one of the first cities in the nation to build an advanced underground sewer system. It was the 7th largest U.S. city in 1854. That year it began a massive sewer modernization effort to fight cholera. Today Providence features thousands of miles of sewer system infrastructure.

Experts Turn to High Technology to Keep Sewer Systems Safe

All of this vital infrastructure is still subject to breaks, blockages, overflows, leaks, and other problems. Many individual homeowners and owners of commercial buildings deal with this problem directly from time to time. To handle the enormous task of keeping sewer systems safe and working properly, experts have turned to high technology.

Much of that technology is focused on prevention and inspection. Finding problems before they start can prevent costly disasters.

Technological Advances Enable Closer Inspection

Sewer inspection professionals in Providence have embraced some incredible advances that allow them to look down into the hidden world of underground pipes. In the past, highly disruptive and expensive digging was the only sure way to get at the problem.

One of the best solutions has been video pipe inspection technology. It uses fiber optic cables with an HD camera on the end. This is attached to a computer screen on the surface. As the HD camera snakes through pipes, all is revealed. Professionals who perform video pipe inspection services in Providence, Rhode Island, say it’s an unbeatable system for detecting leaks, structure damage, and much more.

If you are a homeowner or commercial property owner, getting your sewer system inspected is easier than ever before and less costly. Experts in Providence recommend you inspect your system every two years. An internet search for video pipe inspection services in Providence, Rhode Island, will point you to an excellent provider.

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