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Is it Better to Remove Clogs Using Hydro-Jetting or Line Snaking in Corona, CA?

There are two different cleaning methods commonly used for drain clearing, known as hydro-jetting and Line Snaking in Corona CA. Each of these methods has different applications, though, and each of them works very differently. While both are best left to a professional plumber, curious property owners can read on to find out how to tell which of these methods will most likely work the best to clear their drains.

What is Line Snaking?

Line snaking is the better-known of these two methods for cleaning pipes and clearing blockages. It involves threading a specialized cable, known as a snake, into the drain and rotating the blades at the end of this cable until the blockage has been dislodged. Line snakes are available at most hardware stores but property owners should be aware that they can cause damage if used incorrectly.

What is Hydro-Jetting?

Hydro-jetting is a pipe cleaning process that uses a specialized machine to shoot high-pressure water through pipes. Hydro-jetting is typically used only in larger pipes such as sewer lines. This technique is able to remove years of buildup from pipes but it shouldn’t be used on older pipes, which could become damaged.

Which One is Best?

Minor clogs in smaller pipes such as excess hair in a bathroom sink or a kid’s toy being flushed down the toilet are best addressed by Line Snaking in Corona CA. Clogs that have resulted from years of neglect and buildup inside of main sewer or water lines typically require hydro-jetting. As a rule of thumb, property owners can usually assume that their plumbers will try line snaking first and will only move on to hydro-jetting if this initial attempt to solve the problem hasn’t proved effective.

The Bottom Line

Each of these methods is appropriate for certain plumbing scenarios and while property owners can speculate as to which one of them they would choose, it’s always best to leave the final decision up to an experienced plumber. Chances are, most readers haven’t wound up on this site because they’re considering hypothetical situations, though. Those who need immediate help addressing a clogged pipe can go ahead and schedule your next appointment today.

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