Keep The Pipes Functioning Properly Using An Experienced Plumbing Contractor

by | Jan 19, 2016 | Plumbing

One of the most important improvements in modern housing is the plumbing system. This is because plumbing provides the home with fresh water for cleaning, cooking and other chores. However, plumbing also provides for the removal of any waste sewage. The most common solution before this was to trap the waste in a cesspool and let it filter into the ground or use an outhouse for more personal bodily functions. The only downside for most people is the need for an experienced plumbing contractor to handle any repairs. This may be necessary for almost all plumbing tasks including the seemingly simple job of replacing a faucet.

One of the most useful things that a plumbing contractor can do is inspect the home for signs of leaks. A leaking pipe may not always leave a visible puddle, and some plumbing can be found under floors or foundations making them difficult to access. If these pipes are leaking, then the water may simply be soaked into the ground, and the failure becomes difficult to locate. Thankfully, many plumbers have the tools necessary to find most hidden leaks. The most common of these is an acoustic device that listens for sounds inside the walls. By sampling this noise, the contractor can determine where the leak is and how bad it may be. This works because the water supply is under constant pressure while the main valve is open.

Another reason to consider hiring a plumber is to eliminate a clogged drain. This particular situation usually occurs in one of two places. The first is the main sewage connection between the home and the municipal system or septic tank. The other is the various P-traps installed to keep sewer gases from entering the building. These components are the ‘U’ or ‘S’ shaped pipes found close to the actual drain. They often clog when hair, food or other debris builds up in the crook designed to hold water. Cleaning the P-traps requires removing them and clearing out any debris inside.

Cleaning a clog in the main line is a bit more difficult because the situation may not be as simple as a blockage. The first step is to use a video snake to examine the pipe and locate the problem. If the pipe is damaged, then the homeowner may need to consider possible options like the sleeveless sewer repair. Contact Drain Right Services for more details. You can also like them on Facebook.

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