Knowing What to Expect When You Hire Contractors to Repair Your Sewer Line

by | Sep 16, 2019 | Plumbing Services

When the sewer line in your home becomes clogged, you often cannot repair it yourself. You have to hire skilled plumbers to come and service the line for you. The work that the plumbers will have to undertake can be extensive and time-consuming. By knowing what to anticipate during your sewer pipeline repair, Seattle, WA, homeowners like you can have the patience for the project and appreciate what needs to be done to restore its service. Here’s what you need to know about repairing the sewer line for your home or business.

Scoping and Snaking the Pipe Line

Before the contractors start any kind of sewer pipeline repair, Seattle, WA, plumbers will first use a scope to figure out what is causing the clog. The clog can be caused by something as simple as toilet paper or disposable wipes. It can also be caused by tree roots that have penetrated into the sewer line. Once the plumbers know what is causing the clog, they can devise the best plan of action for removing it. If the clog comprises of wipes or toilet paper, the plumbers can typically use a snake to push it out into the main sewer line. However, if it is caused by tree roots, they will have to dig up the line under your foundation.

Digging Up the Sewer Line

Digging up the sewer line is the only way to remove tree roots. The contractors will use a jackhammer to break up the concrete floor of your foundation. They then will dig up the pipeline, remove the tree roots, and put down new lines in the soil. The work can take more than a day to complete. However, it is necessary for removing tree roots out of the line.

Plumbers are equipped to handle tough clogs in your sewer line. They can get the water flowing out of your drains again safely and efficiently.

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