Leakage Situations which Need to be Addressed By a Plumber in Springfield, VA

by | Aug 19, 2016 | Plumbing

Water damage results in thousands and thousands of dollars of repairs over time. Leaks are the major cause of water damage found in the home. While it can be tempting to just ignore it, the problem only worsens over time. A small amount of damage can turn into a major repair job. These items should be addressed by the plumber as soon as they are discovered.

Leakage from the hot water tank means it is time to call in the plumber in Springfield, VA. This type of leakage can be discovered by looking underneath the tank. This is where the water will pool. This leak can potentially cause damage to the tank since it results in extensive rusting. Also, it can significantly to energy bills since the water heater is constantly operating trying to keep up with the water loss.

Sewer piping leakage is common in older systems. A foul smell is usually the first indication something is leaking from the sewer pipes. However, this smell is usually located in the basement area where most of the sewer will naturally pool. While the basement is most likely the area where a leak will be discovered, the piping can be compromised at any point along the way. If leaking at any point, the entire sewer line will have to be replaced.

Sink leakage is one of the items most likely to be ignored. They are often the source of extensive mold growth. Sinks can leak in multiple areas such as from the drainage piping or from breaches in the seal. While some leakage issues can be addressed, persistent leakage should result in a call to the plumber in Springfield, VA. The leakage problem maybe more complicated than it first appears. While a temporary fix may alleviate the problem, returning issues do need to be properly addressed to prevent having to constantly fight mold.

The complexity of the plumbing system makes it difficult to fix properly. Unfortunately, leakage is one of the biggest causes of water damage inside the home. Because there are so many points the piping can become compromised, addressing leaks early will prevent those costly repairs. Contact Business Name for help in addressing any leaks discovered.

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