Let Someone With Experience in Plumbing in Gretna NE Take Care of Those Leaks and Clogs

by | Dec 31, 2015 | Plumbing

When a contractor creates a new home, one of the first steps after the frame is put in place is to install the plumbing. Plumbing a house actually has three aspects, although, two of them are often considered the same. These are the hot water system, the cold water supply and sewage control. The way the pipes are run and the quality of them often depends on the design of the home. For example, most high-end houses use copper tubing for the water supply because it provides the most secure, durable installation possible. Plumbing in Gretna NE can help keep them operational while reducing the chance of any damage from leaks. The first step in the process is routine inspections.

Plumbing inspections check for a number of problems like loosely hanging pipes, corrosion, degradation in piping materials such as PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and faulty joints. Some of these concerns could result in catastrophic issues if the piping fails. Consider the case where old PVC is still being used. Over time this pipe may weaken or crack and constant temperature changes don’t help much. To make things worse, fresh water pipes are under constant pressure as long as the main valve is open and the taps stay closed. This pressure changes every time someone turns a faucet which causes the PVC to undergo further stress. Newer versions of this material have addressed some of these problems, but old plumbing is still very common.

One of the most common reasons that homeowners seek out experts in Plumbing in Gretna NE is a clogged drain. This situation often makes people panic because they fear the sewage will back up into the home. Thankfully, an experienced plumber can usually fix this problem with minimal effort. That is, the plumber can remove the P-traps and clear out any debris found inside. If this doesn’t eliminate the blockage, then they may have to use a rooter on the main sewer pipe. A rooter is a flexible cable system with an attached auger for piercing a clog. This usually removes the clog unless the pipe itself is damaged. In this case, the plumber may recommend a trenchless repair. This solution inserts a sleeve inside the sewer line to control any leaks, but it is only good for one or two decades. Contact the experts at Jeff Mumm Plumbing Omaha NE for more details.

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