Mistakes Made in DIY Plumbing in Collierville TN

by | Mar 17, 2017 | Plumbing

Many people have been caught up in the popularity of DIY, and the feeling of pride after a job well done can be wonderful. However, when it comes to Plumbing Collierville TN, things are different. Before jumping into a DIY plumbing job, homeowners should consider the likelihood of the five mistakes listed below.

Neglecting to Turn Off the Water

This is a common mistake among DIY plumbers; it’s simple, but it is surprising how often it happens. A plumber will find the home’s primary water valve and shut it off before beginning repairs. This step is crucial, and it can save a homeowner time, money and hassle related to cleaning up a flooded room.

Excessive Use of Drain Cleaners

While it’s easy to handle minor clogs in bathtubs, toilets, and sinks, using drain cleaners too frequently can cause serious damage to a home’s plumbing. Chemical cleaners promise a fast, effective solution to stubborn clogs, but they can cause bigger problems in the long term. A plumber with draingoplumbing.com can remove a tough clog with minimal effort, saving the homeowner from big issues and bigger costs.

Choosing the Wrong Tools

While plumbing tools can be costly, they’re important-;and hiring a plumber can be less costly than buying an entire set of tools. With the specialized tools a plumber uses, he or she can properly and easily remove and repair pipes, tighten connections and ensure the integrity of the home’s plumbing.

Using the Wrong Materials

If the home’s current Plumbing Collierville TN contains galvanized pipe, the homeowner should consult a professional for replacement. Combining galvanized pipe with copper or PVC can cause serious problems throughout the plumbing system. Before mixing materials, consult a local plumber for advice.

Not Knowing When to Throw in the Towel

Everyone wants to fix things, but some homeowners don’t know when they’ve exceeded their capabilities. Calling a plumber shouldn’t be viewed as a failure; it simply means that the job is better handled by a professional. These are just some of the mistakes amateur plumbers make, and some can be disastrous. Avoid DIY plumbing failures and call an expert with Drain Go Plumbing for major repairs.

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