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Professional Service for Plumbing in Ferndale, WA Helps Customers Clear Clogs in Kitchen Drains and Disposals

Problems with the kitchen sink drains and garbage disposals are common reasons people call for assistance with their Plumbing in Ferndale WA. After fixing the problem, plumbers can give customers tips for how to prevent drain clogs and disposal malfunctions in the future.

Disposal Problems

Garbage disposals can quit working effectively or stop working at all when people put too much food waste in them at one time or don’t run water while grinding the material. Sometimes, the disposal starts to emit a smell due to rotting food particles stuck in the blades or elsewhere in the equipment. The household residents might be draining grease into the disposal, which is another problem.


Running cold water during the grinding process is best, but running hot water afterward along with a material that freshens up the disposal will prevent odors from developing. Sliced lemons are one of the best foods for this purpose, and baking soda blended with water also works very well.

Ice cubes and vinegar also help clear oily residue and soap scum that has built up in homes with hard water. In addition, adding vinegar to the baking soda and water mix, then letting the mixture sit in the disposal overnight, is a useful strategy.

Clogged Drains

Sluggish and totally blocked kitchen drains are seen frequently by specialists in plumbing in Ferndale WA. People often don’t realize that the relatively narrow drainpipe can easily become clogged with various substances, including cooking oil and food particles. A mechanical snake may solve the problem, or the pipe under the sink may need to be disassembled and the clog removed manually.

Avoiding Harsh Drain Cleaners

Plumbers with a company such as Lynden Sheet Metal advise household residents not to use harsh drain cleaning chemicals. This may seem like a convenient and cheap solution, but the cleaners don’t actually solve the problem. They can dissolve some of the materials, but others will stay stuck in the pipe. Eventually, the clog occurs again. The ingredient hydrochloric acid is corrosive and can damage pipes, especially when used more than once. Browse our website for information or to schedule an appointment.

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