Putting Water Back into its Purest Form with Water Softening in Allentown

by | Mar 15, 2017 | Plumbing

Water Softening in Allentown is a solution for tap water with chemicals and excess minerals. Water with hard minerals is damaging to many things it comes in contact with. A water test done by a reputable service provider finds the type of hard minerals that are present in a household water supply. Water tests also reveal the concentration levels of hard minerals. This test helps the service provider pick out a selection of products that are designed to remove minerals efficiently.

Systems for Water Softening in Allentown extract minerals from water with an adhesive resin bead material. The minerals stick to the material and are replaced by sodium or potassium ions. Calcium and magnesium are the minerals generally found in hard water. These are positively charged ions. Sodium and potassium are negatively charged. Positive charges are attracted to the material, so the minerals are thoroughly extracted from the water. Water softening systems are installed with point-of-use or whole house methods. Point-of -use systems have equipment that treats a selection of water outlets individually. Whole house systems treat the entire water supply. Soft water makes a big difference for the items it comes in contact with. Hard water is harsh on fabric, home appliances and can be an irritant to skin and hair.

Chlorine is used at water plants to remove harmful pathogens. Remnants of that chlorine remain in the water. Consumers have the option to get equipment that dechlorinates the water. Every faucet can be free of chlorine with whole home chlorine elimination. There’s also the option for single tanks for homes where the water supply has smaller demands. Sulfur is another chemical that is sometimes found in tap water. Sulfur filters are available for home owners who have this chemical in their water. Water softeners, conditioners, and neutralizers purify water to the highest standards.

Customers should keep in mind that it’s hard to know what system is appropriate for the water without a water test. Water treatment companies provide water tests free of charge and financing options are available for the purchase of products. Schedule service for water purification with Plumbing.

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