The Appeal of Additional Bathrooms as Installed by Plumbers in Falls Church VA

by | Sep 19, 2017 | Plumbing

Many families split two full bathrooms between the parents and the kids. The parents commonly have a master bath off the master bedroom, and the children get the second bathroom. If there isn’t a second full bath, plumbers in Falls Church, VA can add one if the home has enough space or room for an addition.

Enhancing Harmony With More Bathrooms

That additional full bathroom can enhance harmony among the household residents and make visits more comfortable for their overnight guests, too. If the house has a basement, a third half-bath could even be added there by a company such as Business Name for further convenience. That can provide an especially private place for the more demure members of the household.

What Relationship Experts Have Noticed

Relationship experts have started to take note of couples who state that having their own separate bathrooms makes their marriage a happier one. They don’t argue about their preferences for toothpaste tube squeezing or cluttering up the counter with cosmetics. A man who can’t remember to put the toilet seat down is free to leave it up. There is no bickering about which way the toilet paper is supposed to hang.

Possibilities in Floor Plans

These are all relatively trivial concerns, but it makes sense that having one’s own private bathroom space is appealing. Not every family has a place big enough for three bathrooms, but having at least two is increasingly considered essential. Most newly constructed homes have at least two bathrooms installed by plumbers in Falls Church, VA, for example.

Some floor plans dispense with the concept of a master bathroom and instead have a master bedroom suite. This is particularly common in relatively modest ranch homes. The master suite always includes at least a half bath, but not always a shower or tub. The main bathroom is situated in the hallway where it’s a convenient distance from all the bedrooms.

Even companies that build manufactured homes offer 1-1/2 baths as standard in most models. Nobody appreciates having to wait to use the toilet, and the problem only worsens with a larger number of people in the house.

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