The Smart Plunger Method for Unclogging Kitchen Plumbing West Chester, OH

by | Nov 26, 2019 | Plumbing

A kitchen is often the heart of a home. This room is used for numerous purposes including food preparation and laundry. Many of these tasks involve the use of clean, sanitary water. To avoid a clog, it’s prudent to avoid putting substances such as coffee grinds and oil down the sink drain. However, clogs can occur and should be removed promptly. The following information details the smart plunger method for unclogging Kitchen plumbing in West Chester, OH.

Use Hot Water

Before using a flat plunger, use heated water to dislodge as much of the obstruction as possible. Start to boil about one gallon of water. Before the water starts to bubble, remove it from the stove. Slowly pour the heated water down the drain opening.

Prepare the Plunger

Get a flat plunger ready for use. Test this tool by pulling the base away from the stick. The stick and base should be firmly attached to perform back-and-forth motion. Also, apply a small amount of petroleum jelly to the underside of the plunger lip. This helps to form a tight seal with the sink surface.

Slide the Plunger into Position

Place the plunger next to a sink wall near the top of the sink. Firmly press the plunger into the sink wall. Without losing contact with the sink surface, slowly slide the plunger down the wall. Continue moving the plunger until it’s positioned over the drain opening.

Start Reciprocal Motion

While keeping contact with the sink surface, move the plunger up and down 6 to 8 times. Pull the plunger up completely on the last strike. Run a steady stream of water to test whether the clog has been dislodged. When this attempt is not successful, repeat the striking motion. It may be necessary to perform this the back-and-forth motion 3 to 5 times. Test the Plumbing in West Chester, OH after each effort.

Using a plunger is a simple and often effective way to remove drain blockages. However, some clogs are too large for this method to work. When this occurs, call a plumbing specialist like the ones at AA Plumbing. Please visit us website to get more information on residential plumbing services, commercial plumbing services, and kitchen remodeling.

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