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Tips for Purchasing a Vanity in Hudson County, NJ

Redecorating a bathroom is one of the more common home remodeling projects and can help increase the value of the home. One thing to carefully consider during this process is the choice of a Vanity in Hudson County NJ. The right vanity can make the bathroom much more user-friendly, while the wrong choice can make it inconvenient to use the bathroom.

Size It Right

Make sure to measure the width, height, and depth of the space available, taking into consideration where the plumbing hookup is located. Keep in mind that there must be room for all doors, including any in the vanity as well as shower doors and entry doors, to open without blocking the walkway. Make sure any vanity wouldn’t be blocking the electrical outlets and switches, shelves, or mirrors. For wider spaces, some people prefer two vanities side by side rather than one large one, but this is a less common choice.


Keep in mind that the bathroom tends to be very damp, so it’s important to choose a Vanity in Hudson County NJ that can stand up to the moisture. This typically means sealed and lacquered wood, laminates, thermofoil, or wood veneers rather than pressed MDF. The top should be easy to clean, so a solid surface is better than a tile one that contains grout. Coordinate the top with the floor, which can be easiest if you choose the vanity before the flooring.

Storage Considerations

Some vanities have very little storage, while others can hold quite a bit. Decide what needs to be stored in the room and consider the other storage options to help decide whether drawers or cabinets are necessary or whether it can be smaller and not provide as much storage. The main bathroom typically needs more storage than a small half-bath would, for example.


Don’t forget the faucets. This means deciding between a widespread faucet with three different pieces (meaning you’ll need a countertop on the vanity with three holes) or a center set faucet where everything is controlled by a single handle.

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