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When Should You Call for Septic Tank Pumping in Cape Coral, FL?

Septic tanks are essential parts of a drainage system, but many people hardly think about them because they are buried and hardly encounter issues.

However, it is essential to pump your septic tank because leaving it will cause it to overflow, eventually resulting in build-up in the drainage pipes and waste backup. The waste will also leak, contaminating the soil and nearby water sources and causing bad smells around the compound.

How Often Should You Get Septic Tank Pumping in Cape Coral, FL?

Experts recommend getting your septic tank professionally inspected after at least three years, with pumping after three to five years. If you have an alternative system with pumps, electrical float switches, or mechanical components, you should have it inspected at least once a year.

However, the frequency can differ depending on your household size, solid volume in the wastewater, total waste generated, and septic tank size.

Signs That Your Septic Tank Is Full

While you should not leave your septic tank long enough to get full, it is essential to understand the signs of a full tank to determine when you should call for emergency septic tank pumping Cape Coral, FL services.

Slow drainage

If you notice that your sinks, toilets, tubs, etc., are draining slowly and you have no issues with your drainage pipes, it is time to call a septic tank pumping professional for inspection.

Foul smell

As septage fills your septic tank, there is nowhere for the gases in the tank to go, causing them to escape into your home and outdoor environment. It could also be from sewer waste backing up to the fixtures.

Very green grass

While everyone appreciates a lush and healthy lawn, it could indicate an issue with your septic tank. If you notice the grass around the septic tank is greener and healthier than other parts, the waste could be leaking and acting as fertilizer.

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