When to Call a Plumber in Mt. Lebanon PA

by | Dec 12, 2017 | Plumbing

Homeowners need to know when to call a plumber and when one is not needed due to a simple and easy fix and this can be difficult to determine. Common problems that will alert you of needing a Plumber in Mt. Lebanon PA are discussed by experts at  below.

Pipes Burst at Home

Pipes that have ruptured or burst in a home is a need for immediate attention from an experienced plumber. This is something that needs to be accessed by a professional and repaired accordingly so that further damage can be prevented.

Backed Up Toilet

A lot of times when a toilet is backed up, a plunger can help fix the problem. Once the toilet has been plunged, the water should slowly begin to drain out of the bowl. If this does not happen, it is best to call a plumber to not make the problem worse. Do not continue to flush the toilet!

Low Water Pressure

Water pressure is controlled by lines that lead to the water heater. If something is happening between these lines or to the water heater itself, this can cause the water pressure to be affected. To determine what the specific problem is, a professional plumber needs to evaluate the situation.

Leaky Faucet

The days of being able to replace a washer and the faucet stop leaking are long gone. In newer faucets, there is no longer a washer. Most faucets now have ceramic plates that can only be replaced by a plumber. Leaky faucets can be costly to the water bill if not noticed and repaired in a timely manner.

Hot Water Not Working

With the cost of water heaters being so much, any time there is an issue with water not warming properly, a plumber should be called out to access the situation. A water heater could have a blown fuse or lack of power in some other way or the heating element could have gone bad. All of these things are things that need to be determined by a licensed professional.

While some things can be fixed yourself, there are many things that need a Plumber in Mt. Lebanon PA to get to the bottom of the problem. Trust the professionals at Matt Mertz Plumbing to get the job done!

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