5 Tips For Better IKEA Furniture Assembly

by | Feb 22, 2023 | Commercial Plumbers

For most of us, IKEA is the place to buy furniture and home goods. Even though the store’s layout is confusing and the place always smells like meatballs, IKEA is still the number one place for new, Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) furniture. However, as anyone who has done IKEA furniture assembly in Hackensack NJ can tell you, the instructions can be just as confusing as the store itself. Fortunately, however, we’ve drawn up a list of five ways to make your next IKEA furniture assembly project go as smooth as silk.

Electric Screwdriver

Many IKEA furniture comes with a simple wrench or screwdriver to help you assemble the furniture. Using these flimsy tools is a huge mistake. Instead, opt for an electric screwdriver with different size bits. Your hands and fingers will thank you.

Rubber Mallet

Another problem with IKEA furniture assembly is that there are usually a lot of nails. Sure, you can use a regular metal hammer, but, more often than not, the hard surface will damage your new chair or table before you’ve even had a chance to use it. Instead, use a rubber mallet, so you can keep your pieces intact, at least until you use them.

Check Your Pieces

Before starting, make sure that you have all the necessary components and parts that you need. IKEA furniture assembly is a bit like painting a masterpiece, so you want to make sure you have the right colors and paintbrushes, so to speak.

Be Neat

Clutter is the bane of all IKEA furniture assembly. After removing all the pieces from the box(es), clear out the trash, so you have a nice, clean, work area.

Check Online for Help

IKEA instructions are notorious for their lack of simple understanding. If you get stuck, feel free to check out the different tutorials and help desks that are online, so you can keep going. If all else fails, however, IKEA does offer assemblymen to get your furniture built the right way. To know more about IKEA furniture assembly in Hackensack NJ, visit furnitureassemblynj.com.

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