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A Plumbing Service in OH Ends Problems in Sewer Lines From Hardened Grease and Root Growth

A Plumbing Service in OH that specializes in tasks like drain cleaning and fixing sewer line blockages can help when property owners are dealing with the inconvenience and dismay caused by these problems. The plumbers can explain why the situation developed and offer tips for prevention in the future.

Greasy Materials

Although tree roots growing into sewer lines get a lot of blame for sewer backups, plumbers often find that greasy materials that have been sent down drains are the main culprits. Plumbers call the problem FOG, signifying fats, oil, and grease. Many substances qualify as FOG. Examples include butter, margarine, vegetable oil, bacon fat, and shortening.

People tend to think nothing of rinsing off oily pans and greasy dishes in the sink instead of wiping all of that away with paper towels. They may even pour used cooking oil from a pan directly into the kitchen sink drain. Grease solidifies on the sewer line walls, gradually making the space smaller.

Tree and Bush Roots

The problem worsens when there actually are roots growing into joints and tiny cracks in the underground line. Hardened grease can accumulate around the roots, creating a double-whammy for catching any non-liquid substances flushed down the toilet. Materials that don’t degrade quickly, like tampons and paper towels, cause the most problems.

A Plumbing Service in OH can send someone to run a mechanical snake down the floor drain and chop up the plant material so it flushes away. Customers usually don’t know what caused the backup until the plumber confirms the issue’s cause.

A Combination Prevention Strategy

Killing the ends of roots that reach the sewer line can be done by flushing specialized products down the toilet. Plumbers from a company such as Bluffton Aeration Service can offer suggestions on the best products and explain how the process works. Even though the chemicals kill the root ends, they don’t harm the tree itself whatsoever. Another possibility is to have a plumber come to the home once each year and cut up the roots that have grown into the pipe. Visit the website to learn more about this particular company. Find us on Facebook!

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