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Avoid Costly Damages With Reliable Plumbing

Faulty plumbing can cause a lot of problems. For example, a leak in the pipes can allow water to drip or spray all over the drywall. Drywall is made from a mineral known as gypsum that is packed tightly and covered with paper on both sides. Under normal conditions, the gypsum works well to provide a smooth surface for the walls, but when it becomes saturated with water, the gypsum begins to swell and crumble. This can turn into an expensive repair if the leaking pipe is running through the walls, especially if that pipe is supplying water to a higher level or located on an interior wall that has drywall on both sides. A professional with plumbing near Crystal Lake can help by replacing the damaged pipe before the leak gets out of control.

There are several things that can fail with plumbing, but one of the more common concerns is a blockage in the main sewer lines. Sewer systems are low-pressure environments, which means the waste moving through them has plenty of time to stick to the pipe walls or snag on any rough areas. Clogs tend to come in two types. The first is the accumulation of waste solids that form over weeks or months while the second is caused by a large mass of debris trying to move through the pipe. A professional with plumbing near Crystal Lake can help, but the extent of the problem will need to be determined first. The plumber handles this task with a tool known as a video snake. This is a video camera attached to a long flexible cable that can reach deep into the sewer line.

If the clog is due to a waste blockage, then the plumber will need to eliminate the problem. The first step is to pierce the blockage with a pipe snake. This is another tool based on a flexible cable, but it is designed to pierce through a clog. If the pipe snake does not eliminate the blockage, then the plumber will need to try something else. Water jetting is the perfect way of breaking down large clumps of waste, but it can also help with preventing future clogs. Learn more about plumbing solutions from professional contractors such as Gleason Heating and Air Conditioning.

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