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Avoid Wasting Water and Potential Water Leaks With Expert Toilet Repairs in Peachtree City, GA

Most toilets are simple systems that use a tank to store water for the next flush and a bowl to catch any waste. The flushing mechanism is one of the most important components because it controls when the water enters the bowl and prevents the storage tank from overflowing. The toilet handles the latter function by using a rubber flapper to seal the valve between the tank and bowl.

Unfortunately, this particular part of the toilet is prone to leaks when the flapper begins to deteriorate or collect mineral deposits around its edges. The problem is often noticeable because the toilet will continue to trickle water from the tank. Of course, this particular problem is reparable by an experienced property owner, but most folks simply prefer the task is handled by an expert in toilet repairs in Peachtree City, GA.

Another area where the toilet can fail is also in the tank, and this is the mechanism that controls the influx of water. This odd looking system uses a float arm which is attached to the fill valve. The float lowers as the water level drops low enough. This, in turn, opens the fill valve so water can enter the tank. Replacing this part can be difficult and is best handled by someone trained in toilet repairs in Peachtree City, GA.

Other components that may have problems are the handle, arm, and chain used to open the flapper. These items must be installed properly so the storage tank can quickly drain into the bowl. This prevents too much water going through the system and reduces the chance of the flapper and chain getting tangled.

One area where the system design is important is the chain length. Too little chain may not allow the flapper to close properly, and too much of it could cause the valve to not open completely. Another adjustment is the float-arm adjustment screw, which provides some control over the float level and fills valve setup. Each of these items must work in tandem, or the system will not flush properly. This could result in too little water in the tank, which will affect the way the toilet flushes away any waste.

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