Choosing a New Garbage Disposal: How a Plumbing Contractor in Mason, OH Can Help

by | Dec 1, 2016 | Plumbing

The idea of installing a garbage disposal sounds great, but it pays to spend some time finding out what the job entails. The best approach is to contact a local Plumbing Contractor in Mason OH and get some expert help. Here are some of the ways the contractor can ensure things go smoothly and the homeowner does not end up with an empty wallet and a major headache.

Confirming Local Regulations

Not everyone realizes that installing a garbage disposal may or may not be an option based on local laws and regulations. In some areas, adding a garbage disposal may be out of the question owing to the additional stress the units place on aging municipal sewage lines. A local Plumbing Contractor in Mason OH will know if there is any regulation that would prohibit the client from moving forward with the installation.

The State of the Home Plumbing

Assuming there’s no legal barrier to the installation, the next step is to evaluate the home plumbing. Do any upgrades or changes need to be made before the disposal can be installed? A contractor will know what to look for and how to advise the homeowner. In the best-case scenario, the system will require little in the way of modifications and the work can get underway at once.

The Right Horsepower

What type of horsepower is needed to ensure the disposal provides the type of performance the homeowner wants? The contractor can make suggestions based on the number of people who live in the home and how often the owner plans on using the device. What works fine for a person who lives alone will not be adequate for a family of five.

The Features Matter

What features would serve the homeowner well? The contractor can go over the merits of stainless steel blades, noise levels, the inclusion of a manual reset button, and other essentials. This makes it easier to avoid wasting time on models that do not have the right combination of features.

Once everything is in order, arrange for the contractor from AA Plumbing to manage the new disposal installation. Doing so ensures the job is done properly and the unit will offer excellent service in the years to come.

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