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Choosing a Size and Location for Ceiling Fan Installation in Annandale, NJ

Ceiling Fan Installation in Annandale NJ can keep a room more comfortable during warm weather and allow people in the house to keep the central air thermostat set higher. The breeze from the fan keeps people cooler as compared with still air, and they may feel comfortable with the home’s temperature set at 78 or even 80. Keeping the temperature this high can save substantial money on the electric bill, which will pay for the ceiling fan relatively quickly. People should remember to turn the fan off when they plan to leave the room for any length of time, however. It doesn’t actually lower the temperature, so having it run when nobody is in the room wastes electricity.

In general, it’s best to have Ceiling Fan Installation in Annandale NJ with a size that’s large enough to be effective, but that doesn’t become the focal point of the room. Calculators are available online where homeowners can choose the square footage or dimensions of rooms and learn which size of the fan is recommended. Rooms with lower ceilings will look better with smaller fans.

Ideally, the fan should be situated over the area where people sit, or at least the ends of the blades should be within two feet. of that area. The fan won’t be as effective when placed off to one side or in front of a doorway when chairs and couches are further into the room. Installing the device in the middle of the ceiling can be visually appealing, but it won’t be the most effective at cooling if the seating area is in a far corner.

Having professional fan installation done by a company such as Business Name makes sure the wiring is done properly and the fan is balanced. Fans that aren’t installed professionally may wobble due to imbalance, which can make people feel nervous. The fan also should be completely secure, so when someone pulls the string to get it moving, the fan doesn’t wobble like it’s going to fall to the floor. With a secure, balanced device, people in the home feel at ease and enjoy the cool breeze.

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