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Dealing With and Preventing Frozen Water Pipes in Saline MI

Every winter, plumbers help people deal with the fallout of frozen pipes. These plumbing pipes are located in areas where they aren’t well-protected against bitterly cold temperatures. They might be in a crawlspace, for instance, or against a wall that isn’t well-insulated. Plumbers also can offer several effective strategies to prevent Frozen Water Pipes in Saline MI in the future.

If the frozen pipe problem is addressed quickly enough by a company such as Howe Plumbing LLC., serious damage can be prevented. Visit the website to discover more information about this company. Applying a moderate source of heat to gradually thaw the pipes is recommended. When homeowners try to do this on their own, however, they often are too zealous and apply too much heat too rapidly. This can cause the pipes to break.

One way plumbers prevent Frozen Water Pipes in Saline MI is to wrap the pipes with insulating foam. This may not be entirely effective if temperatures drop into the negative digits, but it should stop freezing at temperatures moderately below 33 degrees Fahrenheit. Residential plumbing pipes nearly always have some type of cover from cold wind and freezing conditions. In a crawlspace, for example, they are sheltered by the walls and may also have been installed near heat pipes. Adding the foam brings the extra shelter necessary to keep the water in liquid form. Pipes in a cabinet in the main living area can be kept warmer by opening the cabinet doors. During exceptionally cold weather, running the water at a slow and steady pace stops it from turning to ice.

When cabinets are located next to walls without insulation, people tend to shy away from leaving the doors open during bitterly cold days, since this allows cold, drafty air to travel into the home. They also tend to avoid leaving water run for hours on end and overnight. Hearing that light stream of water going down the drain can be disturbing, since the residents know that doing this drives up the water bill. Nevertheless, these are effective ways to stop pipes from freezing and breaking. Spending a little more money on prevention is significantly more affordable than cleaning up water damage and replacing broken pipes. Visit website  for more information.

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