Electric Circuit Requirements for Water Heaters in Tulsa OK

by | Sep 10, 2019 | Plumbing

Although gas water heaters are significantly more energy efficient than electric models, many homeowners choose electric Water Heaters in Tulsa OK for various reasons. The appliance might be located in a bedroom closet, for instance, and the homeowners are nervous about fumes there. The appliance is required to be on a dedicated circuit in the electrical system and panel, meaning it is the only electric object connected to that circuit.

Fixed Appliances

The National Electric Code requires appliances that are not portable to have a dedicated circuit because of the amount of power they draw. In addition to Water Heaters in Tulsa OK, refrigerators, electric stoves, garbage disposals, washing machines and clothes dryers are examples of appliances that must have this type of circuitry. Technically, these are considered fixed appliances. An electric water heater must have a 240-volt dedicated circuit.

Portable Appliances

Certain other appliances also should have a dedicated circuit, but many people don’t realize this or do not bother. A microwave oven draws a substantial amount of power, for example, but household residents typically plug it into the most convenient outlet on a circuit that may include other electric devices. They quickly learn that they can’t run another electric device, such as a toaster, while the microwave is operating or the circuit breaker will trip. Because this appliance normally runs for such a short time, having other outlets on the circuit usually isn’t a problem.

Saving Energy

One particularly convenient aspect of dedicated circuit breakers is that they make it easy to shut off the appliance if someone wants to. Shutting off the water heater after installation by a contractor such as Plumb Genius can save money on electricity if everyone will be gone for the weekend or longer. It costs less to warm up the tank from room temperature than it does to keep that tank of water hot all the time. Someone in the house must set up a reminder to turn the breaker back on at least an hour before anyone wants to use hot water. This makes sure there will be plenty available for showers and other uses.

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