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Get Past Leaks With Help from a Plumbing Service in Colorado Springs, CO

Any home can experience plumbing leaks, but older houses are more likely to experience problems. That’s simply because, as they age, pipes tend to corrode and develop weak spots. At some point, those weak spots will begin to leak. Rather than risk water damage from leaks, it pays to have a Plumbing Service in Colorado Springs CO evaluate your home’s plumbing periodically for signs of potential problems.

What Do the Plumbing Experts Look for During an Inspection?

That depends on the type of plumbing in use. Old homes that still have galvanized plumbing, for example, will almost always have active leaks or show signs of major corrosion. Copper will also deteriorate as it reacts with chemicals in the water and, eventually, show signs of weakness. Even plastic plumbing develops problems as it ages. Older plastic pipes will become brittle and crack easily. A plumbing service in Colorado Springs CO will evaluate a home’s plumbing system, identify existing or potential problems, and suggest ways to deal with those issues.

Repair or Replace?

When relatively minor issues are noted, plumbers will generally recommend repairing only the problematic sections. However, in cases where corrosion is extensive, it’s generally more cost-effective to replace all the affected lines. While that can be somewhat expensive, spending the money now is far less costly than dealing with major water damage from a leak later. Since each home is different, the solutions recommended will vary from one property to the next.

Should Water Heaters or Fixtures Be Replaced at the Same Time Pipes are Replaced?

Again, there’s no simple answer to that question. There are too many variables to consider when deciding which plumbing system elements should be reused and which should be replaced. If a water heater was replaced recently, it’s normally fine to simply keep using that appliance. Faucets and other elements that are older are certainly candidates for replacement, however. It’s a good idea to review a home’s existing fixtures and appliances with the plumber and discuss the pros and cons of replacing each one.

If you’ve got specific questions about plumbing issues in your home, contact an expert for advice. The experts at Smith Plumbing & Heating are poised to answer your questions or schedule an inspection to determine what types of repairs or updates are needed.

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