Plumbing 101: The Difference between Commercial and Residential Services

by | Apr 22, 2016 | Plumbing

Whether you own a business or a home, it is important to know the difference between residential and commercial plumbing services in Roswell, Georgia. Although many of the same concepts apply to both categories, the scope of your project has a major impact on the type of services you will need. Here are a few reasons to choose a commercial contractor for your business, rather than relying on residential methods of installation.

Architecture and Design

As modern architecture continues to evolve, plumbing systems must be able to adapt to complex structural designs. A commercial plumber knows how to take advantage of the specified dimensions to come up with an effective solution that utilizes the existing foundation of the building. In some cases, extra support may be necessary to reinforce industrial-grade pipes. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a simplified plumbing concept might be the answer to budgetary limitations and concerns.

Standards for Materials

Commercial plumbing services in Roswell, Georgia, are also known for using heavy-duty materials to complete projects. To withstand a higher level of wear and tear, pipes must be larger and more durable than those in residential constructions. In fact, many areas have laws that dictate the requirements for plumbing materials used during commercial construction. Overlooking these standards could ultimately result in future complications and costly repairs.

Maintenance and Repairs

A clogged drain in a five-story building can have severe consequences compared to a clogged drain in your home. Furthermore, residential problems do not usually escalate as quickly, allowing more time for you to contact a reliable plumber. On the other hand, a busy office could be flooded with water within a few hours if you do not take swift and immediate action. If daily operations are forced to cease until repairs can be completed, the productivity of your business will suffer due to the downtime.

Usage and Equipment

The final factor that distinguishes commercial plumbing services in Roswell, Georgia, is the way that fixtures are expected to perform. Unlike residential equipment, appliances in the workplace must have a greater capacity for extended use, no matter how many people will be using them each day. For example, a washing machine in your home is used to wash one or two loads of laundry per week, but a washing machine in a hospital requires more water pressure and heat to tackle the amount of laundry produced by patients. Certain appliances can only be found in a commercial setting and need water in order to operate, like a vending machine that dispenses coffee or tea.

Commercial plumbing services in Roswell, Georgia, reflect a commitment to safety and efficiency in the community. Research commercial plumbing services in Roswell, Georgia, to find out more about pricing, maintenance and repairs for your business. Visit the website for more information.

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