Plumbing Remodel Issues

by | Nov 17, 2016 | Plumbing

When you are remodeling your home, you may need to investigate down to the bones of the home to see what needs to be repaired or replaced. Like electrical, plumbing may need to be updated when remodeling a home. If you are remodeling an old home that has had previous remodeling or additions, you especially may be in for some plumbing surprises. Here are some possible plumbing issues that you should be aware of.

Pipe Corrosion

Make sure you ascertain the age of your existing plumbing with your plumbing contractor in Marietta Georgia. Pipe corrosion may not be visible from the outside of the pipe. Your contractor will tap the pipe, look at the pipe joints, and take the age of the pipe into consideration. The corroded pipe will need to be replaced with a pipe that is code compliant.

Under the Surface

The biggest problem when remodeling a bathroom is water damage in the subsurface of the home. Over time, leaking shower valves and pans can initiate extensive damage to your home’s structure. When this damage has been uncovered, expect your plumbing contractor in Marietta Georgia to reassess the steps needed to repair the damage and complete the remodel. Many times other contractors will need to be called in to address damage to such things as joists, subflooring, and electrical.

Upstairs, Downstairs

In older homes, there may be shallower floor joists in the upper stories then what modern construction allows. The impact to your plumbing contractor is that it makes it hard to rework new pipes into the old limited spaces. Sometimes supply and drain lines are concealed by surrounding walls and joists and will need special consideration. It also may not be an option to route supply lines through the outer wall because of insulation requirements. In addition, upgraded home amenities necessitate additional plumbing modifications. Your plumbing contractor in Marietta Georgia will work out the logistics to ensure that all needed work is done with as little waste and extra time possible. Visit us for more information.

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