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Preventing Damage To A Septic System And Acquiring Information About Septic Pumping In Port Orchard WA

If a new septic tank was installed on a residential piece of property, maintaining a tank and the line running to it will prevent a tank from filling prematurely or the need to have a line repaired or a tank pumped. The following tips will help prevent costly repairs and ensure that liquid and solid waste is deposited in a tank in an efficient manner.

Use Strainers And Avoid Pouring Chemicals

Before placing dishes or utensils in a sink, food scraps should be thrown way and a plastic or metal strainer should be placed over a drain’s opening. After washing dishes, any particles that were collected in a strainer should be disposed of. Chemicals should never be poured down a drain, unless they are designed to be used to clean plumbing. If an individual wishes to dispose of products that contain chemicals, they need to pour liquid or powder into a non-combustible container that has a tightly-sealing lid before placing materials into a trash receptacle.

Limit The Amount Of Water That Is Used Near A Septic System

Water should not be dumped or sprayed on or near a septic system. If too much water is deposited on property, it will seep into the ground and fill a septic tank. If an individual owns a pool or spa, they can purchase a hose and arrange the hose so that its opening points away from a septic tank and septic line. When water needs to be drained from either item, it will be dispersed to a part of a yard where it can safely drain.

Plant items That Have Shallow Root Systems

If grass seed, plants or shrubs are going to be planted over a septic system, property needs to be raked to level the ground. Items that contain a shallow root system should be added to a piece of property. Plants that have deep root systems could clog portions of a septic line and cause waste to back up inside of a house. Shallow root systems will not interfere with a septic tank or the line connected to it.

If Septic Pumping in Port Orchard WA is necessary, an individual can visit Northwest Septic Operation & Maintenance. Besides learning about Septic Pumping in Port Orchard WA, information about septic tank installations is provided.

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