The Best Thing Since the Porta-Potty

by | Mar 2, 2016 | Plumbing

The first portable toilet, or porta-potty as it is commonly referred to today, was built in the 1940’s by clearly a progressive thinker named George Harding. Harding revolutionized how we use the bathroom in public. When there is no bathroom inside of a building available, the porta-potty is the next best thing. People can easily identify portable toilets. They are everywhere, and have become the expectation at outdoor events. If you have ever attended a concert or festival or little league baseball game, you always like to know where the porta-potties are. This is usually the case if you don’t have children, but definitely if you do. Harding changed the world and the way we use it, portable hand washing stations have the ability to do the same thing.

They Are for Everybody

Everybody could have used a portable hand washing station at one time or another in their life. There has been a moment where you wanted or needed to wash your hands, and at the least, all you had was some hand sanitizer. Think about how awesome it would have been to have had a fully functional sink within your midst. This is a product people can use for every occasion from the back yard birthday party to the business cookout at on a ranch. There is no occasion too big or too small where a readily available sink will not be appreciated. You could buy your portable station for your employees who work on construction sites, or rent it for the dinner party you are having for the convenience of your guest, or you could lease one and set it up at concerts and festivals during the spring and summer months. All times are a good time to wash your hands, and now you have the capability.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Having options is a wonderful part of life, and portable hand washing stations come in a plethora of different types, sizes, builds, and looks. There is also the ability to customize your hand washing station. The stations are for indoor and outdoor use, so whether you are going to add it for aesthetic in a room or put it next to the porta-potties at the family reunion you can have the look and the functionality you want and need.  There is an abundance of options when matching what you need and want with the one that is best for you.

Everyone needs to wash their hands at some point just like everybody needs to a bathroom. The next time you are hosting an event or at a public restroom and there are no sinks available, think about how much better you and others would feel if they could just wash their hands.

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