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What Type of Equipment Is Needed for Sewer Pipe Repair Work?

Repairing sewer pipes is a specialized type of work. In order to perform the job well, you will need to have a very special type of skill set. Within the greater plumbing industry, repairing sewer pipes is considered a very valuable niche skill. Those who possess that type of skill must possess a greater understanding of the types of sewer pipe repair equipment that is needed.

Temporary Sewer Pipe Repair Materials

The first step to deciding what type of repair material is needed is figuring out if the sewer repair needs to be a temporary or a permanent fix. Although most sewer repairs will call for a permanent solution due to the significant trenches and excavation required, approximately 20% of sewer repairs can be done with a temporary material.

The types of temporary sewer pipe repair equipment include:

1. Epoxy compounds: Cracking or leaking materials may call for epoxy compounds.

2. Pipe wraps: Urgent repairs may call for a pipe wrap, which may be metal, plastic or other type of material.

3. Rubber connectors: A rubber coupling can be used when cracks and leaks occur in an accessible portion of the sewer pipe.

4. Pipe clamps: Although used like rubber connections, pipe clamps are made of metal.

Permanent Sewer Repair Materials

A permanent repair typically involves replacing an entire pipe. This can be very costly and is best performed by a licensed contractor with experience.

Examples of materials used to perform a permanent replacement include:

1. Extra heavy cast iron pipe: For many areas, extra heavy cast iron pipes are the first and only recognized code compliant material.

2. Ductile iron pipe: Whether the pipe is a sewer line or a water line larger than 2 inches, ductile iron pipe can be used.

Newer Pipes

The age of a sewer pipe can play a definite role in determine whether it needs a permanent fix or a temporary one. Newer types of sewer pipe are made out of materials such as PVC or copper. These materials are much more conducive to simple and temporary repairs. A single damaged section can easily be covered or mended without having to completely replace the entire sewer pipe.

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