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When Was the Last Time You Called a Plumbing Company in Jacksonville, FL?

A couple in Jacksonville, FL believed they had purchased their dream property. However, because they had never owned a home, they had overlooked getting the plumbing inspected. Later, when they finally occupied the house, they had to call a plumbing company in Jacksonville, FL to perform necessary maintenance and repairs. It is easy to assess problems in hindsight, but it takes a hands-on approach to catch issues before they grow into costly situations.

Beginning an Inspection: Looking at the Water Heater

If you want to know what plumbing problems may need to be addressed when you buy a house, you need to ask for a plumbing inspection. When a contractor from a plumbing company makes the assessment, they will normally check the hot water heater first.

Hot water does not originate from more than the faucet itself. The large hot water tank should be checked for any defects, as this is where water temperature is regulated. If problems with the tank exist, the water will run lukewarm instead of piping hot. If the water is not sufficiently heated, it can disrupt your everyday routine. A lack of hot water makes it next to impossible to wash dishes, cook food, or bathe/shower.

Fix a Faulty Hot Water Heater Immediately

A faulty water heater can also cause flooding. If the damage is not immediately addressed, mold and mildew will grow in the home. Water can also produce foundational cracks that can cause a house to tilt. A hot water heater that is overly pressurized, for example, can actually fly through the boards up above and land just about anywhere. Once the gigantic appliance lands, the damage can be quite severe.

However, if you have a plumbing company check the hot water heater, it only takes several minutes to identify any potential problems. If a replacement is necessary, the cost is only a few hundred bucks out of pocket. Hot water heaters typically last a decade and are backed by a warranty. Other plumbing checks that need to be made during an inspection are to ensure that the water pressure and pipe construction is up to snuff. Repairing small problems early on is recommended. Regular maintenance can help a homeowner avoid expensive repairs down the road.

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