Where To Find Sewer Repair in Fairfield OH

by | May 27, 2019 | Plumbing Services

When a sewer backs up, it is always an emergency. But, where can a homeowner get help fast? Finding Sewer Repair in Fairfield OH should take place before there is a backup emergency. Look online or in the local phone directory for Sewer Repair companies. Then choose the one who seems the best qualified with reasonable rates. Keep that contact information handy in case of plumbing emergencies.

Who Does Sewer Repair?

Some contractors do only sewer repairs. But, many good plumbing companies offer this valuable service. Finding a full-service plumbing company who can unplug drains as well as repairing sewer backups is a good thing. Finding a licensed and insured plumber or sewer repair company is important. The contractor should use the latest equipment including little cameras that can be fed into the sewer line to locate the blockage saves time and expense. It also makes it so the sewer people don’t have to dig up the whole sewer line to find the blockage.

Homeowners who have private septic systems will need a sewer contractor or plumbing company that offers tank emptying services. Once the tank is emptied, it should be inspected and any repairs needed should be made. Aerobic systems have pumps and other electrical parts that need inspection and repair on occasion. Older septic systems may need updating by adding risers to all clean out and inspection openings.

What Causes Sewer Pipes to be Blocked?

Sewer pipes can be blocked by family members putting the wrong things down the toilet or drains. These items include grease, paint, toys, feminine products, bones, and more. The sewer pipe can be crushed by heavy vehicles or equipment driving over it. Last but not least, tree or shrub branches can grow into the pipe causing a blockage. Some sewer pipes are damaged or corroded to the point where they need replacing.

This is a major job if they must be dug out and replaced. But, some plumbing companies offer a new choice. A slightly smaller sewer pipe is threaded through the damaged pipe saving time and money. The yard does not need to be dug up. The old pipe is ground out to make a good base for the new pipe. Visit us for additional information.

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