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A Guide to Sewer Pipe Camera Inspections: Why They’re Important

A sewer line blockage is one of the costliest and messiest plumbing disasters you’ll ever experience, and it calls for a high-tech solution. Here, you’ll learn the benefits of a sewer pipe camera inspection in Boulder, CO.

Common Causes of Sewer Pipe Blockages

As implied by the name, sewer line blockages happen when foreign objects prevent waste from exiting the home. They’re caused by:

·Dumping grease down the drain
·Flushing unnecessary items down the toilet
·Root intrusion
·Cracks and damage to old sewer lines

Each of these problems calls for a different solution, which makes proper identification even more important. Your plumber will, with a video inspection, find out what’s causing the problem.

Getting the Right Fix the First Time

Many plumbers who don’t perform a sewer pipe camera inspection use basic cleaning methods and hope for a successful outcome. We’ve heard countless stories from homeowners who’ve gone through multiple repair attempts without success. When sewer lines are inspected by video, plumbers are more likely to get the job done right on the first visit.

Seeing Proof of the Problem

Many times, sewer pipe problems are not diagnosed until they cause serious problems in other parts of the home. When you’re spending your money on home repairs, you’ll want the maximum value for your investment. With a sewer pipe camera inspection in Boulder, CO, you’ll know what you’re dealing with and how to fix it.

Sewer Line Camera Inspections: Preventing Major Problems

Sewer pipes are hidden from view, but they’re one of the most important parts of the home. If you’re dealing with a sewer line blockage, a camera inspection may help you find the cause of the problem before it gets out of hand. With the benefits of a sewer pipe camera inspection, you’ll keep your pipes clear and your home sanitary.

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