The Best Way to Save Money on Plumbing Repairs Is to Prevent Them

by | Jul 1, 2019 | Plumbing

A lot of junk makes its way through the average residential plumbing system in a year’s time. On an individual level, people use the bathroom several times every day. Normally, people eat at least three times each day, meaning three batches of plates filled with food debris, and sometimes even full-on servings of unwanted food, are flushed down sinks. Inevitably, in an average household of four, things that aren’t supposed to be flushed, such as wet wipes, feminine hygiene products and hair, will make their way down into drainpipes. Here are a few ways to keep your residential plumbing system in great shape.

Don’t Be Afraid of Drain Covers

Most drains consist of a perpendicular metal cross-wedged inside of the round drain hole. Although these catch some items that don’t belong in plumbing, they don’t catch everything. One of the best investments you can make in the name of maintaining your plumbing system is in the form of mesh wire drain covers. These prevent wads of hair and other solid objects from making their way down drains, ultimately resulting in you having to search for residential plumbing services in Maui, HI.

Lye and Other Strong Drain Cleaners Aren’t a Good Idea

It’s true that lye and other strong cleaning chemicals found in drain cleaners effectively clear blockages out of plumbing. However, they can also ruin drainpipes, making them more susceptible to bursting, being punctured and holding more blockages in the future.

Be Careful About What Goes Through Garbage Disposals

To best avoid needing residential plumbing services in Maui, HI, you should always avoid dumping food waste that is mainly composed of fibers. For example, avoid dropping cornhusks, potato skins, banana peels and celery down the garbage disposal. Further, only put small, cut up pieces of food in the garbage disposal.

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