Does Your Dishwasher Have Problems?

by | Jul 15, 2016 | Plumbing

Your dishwasher helps save you time, effort and hassle. Unless something goes wrong, this useful household appliance should provide you and your family with consistently sparkling dishes. A nonfunctional dishwasher can put a crimp in your style, but there is hope. Dishwasher repair services in Atlanta, Georgia may be able to help you get your dishwasher back on track. Here are 3 dishwasher warning signs that indicate you may need to call an expert for assistance.

A Flooded Kitchen

You load your dishwasher, add soap, close the door and turn it on. Later, you come in to find that your kitchen floor is flooded. What just happened? The most likely answer is that your dishwasher’s drain line is stopped up. Most dishwashers tie into the same drainage system as the kitchen sink. Over time, these pipes may become clogged from grease, soap, bits of food and other debris. If your dishwasher fails to drain properly, it is probably time for you to call in an expert, who should be able to clear out the clogs.

Loud Operation

If your dishwasher’s formerly moderate hum suddenly turns into a screech or a whine, or if its operation sounds rough or rusty, you may have a problem. Check for any silverware that may have fallen to the bottom of your dishwasher, and inspect your blades for damage. If there is not an obvious cause for the loud noise, you should seek out dishwasher repair services in Atlanta, Georgia to determine the exact nature of the problem.

Grimy Dishes

Your dishwasher’s primary job is to provide you with a steady supply of clean, usable dishes. If the dishes suddenly start emerging dirty or clouded, there is a chance you simply need to adjust the types of soap products you are using. If that does not work, however, you may need expert advice on how to proceed.

Clean Dishes for Your Home

Your dishwasher provides an important service for your home and family. If your dishwasher causes flooding, strange noises or dishes that come out still dirty, consider seeking expert dishwasher repair services in Atlanta, Georgia. Contact RooterPLus or visit the website for more information.

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