Plumbing Leak Detection In Jackson Ms

by | Jul 15, 2016 | Plumbing

A leaking pipe underneath a mobile home can be detected by following a few steps. While the water valve remains on, a leak may be spotted by simply looking underneath a home. Skirting that runs around the base of a home will need to be removed in order to see clearly. A flashlight can be used if it is difficult to see. If any water is pooling underneath the home in one spot, a section of the plumbing may be damaged. leak detection in Jackson MS will allow a homeowner to temporarily repair the damaged area.

Home improvement centers sell putty and tape that are designed to patch plumbing. Once a leak has been spotted, water should be turned off. A towel can be used to dry off the section of plumbing that is damaged. A small amount of plumbing putty can be molded into a flat, thin disc and placed over the damage. Once the putty is pressed firmly against the plumbing, plenty of time is needed for it to dry. The putty will have a hard, firm surface when this occurs.

Plumbing tape that is wrapped around the patched portion of the pipe will provide an additional layer of protection. Before the tape is applied, a small amount of water needs to be added to it in order to activate the adhesive. Once this occurs, it can be applied immediately. After the tape dries, the pipe will temporarily be protected. When the water supply is turned back on, an individual can make sure that the repair was completed properly. As long a water is no longer leaking, the problem has been repaired.

If not, however, a professional plumbing company can be hired by visiting  or another site to assist with the leak detection in Jackson MS. A plumber will replace any parts of the plumbing that are damaged and will guarantee that the repairs were completed the proper way. In the future, they can be hired to maintain the plumbing so that a leak does not occur again. Plumbers are qualified to repair problems of all sizes and work in both residential and commercial settings.

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