Eliminate Leaks and Clogs With Quality Plumbing Repair in Texas City TX

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Plumbing

Leaking pipes and damaged fixtures can cost the home or business owner a lot of money in wasted resources. For instance, when the flapper valve that seals the toilet tank from the bowl begins to age, water starts leaking into the bowl. This continuous stream of water is slowly increasing the bill, and it can creep into the hundreds of dollars per year if the situation is not resolved. Plumbing Repair in Texas City TX can help by replacing the flapper or removing all the guts of the tank and thoroughly cleaning things before installing any new components.

Other areas where a leak can result in wasted water are the problems hidden inside walls, under foundations, or in the main line. Locating these kinds of leaks can be difficult, and an experienced plumber will have multiple methods to handle these tasks. For example, a leak located in the walls may be a small trickle that doesn’t leave enough water to be visible. The plumber can discover this sort of problem with the aid of an acoustic sampler. Sampling the sounds inside the walls provides them with the ability to pinpoint the approximate location and how bad the leak may be. A small leak will typically drip while cracks in the pipe have a tendency to spray. Each type of leak has a unique sound the contractor listens for.

The toughest type of plumbing repair in Texas City TX is often the leak located under a foundation. This is becoming a rare problem since most modern construction companies avoid this type of installation whenever possible. However, there are instances where the only way to connect the main line and internal plumbing requires a pipe placed through the concrete. Accessing the pipe usually requires the plumber to cut away the concrete to expose the problem area.

Of course, not all plumbing repairs deal with leaks. Some plumbing problems involve the clogs that develop in the pipe traps or the blockages that build up in the sewer lines. Solutions for these issues include removing the traps for cleaning and rooting out the clogs in the main sewer pipes. The plumber may also recommend cleaning the sewer lines using hydro-jetting so that the clogs don’t return any time soon. Visit the website at

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