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Examples of Home Improvement Features Installed by a Plumber in Wilmington, DE

A plumber in Wilmington, DE, can provide home improvement features that make a house more convenient and pleasant for residents and their guests. A kitchen sink with a garbage disposal, a water filtration system and a sump pump are examples of features that make homeowners more satisfied and add value to the property as well.

Garbage Disposal
A garbage disposal isn’t a necessity, but it makes life more convenient for people who like to prepare meals and eat at home and have no need for a compost pile. Instead of having to empty the kitchen garbage can practically every day to prevent odors, they can put most of the food scraps into the disposal. The blades pulverize the scraps into tiny pieces and the running water whisks those pieces away to the sewer line. A plumber in Wilmington, DE, can install the device and repair it if any problems ever develop in the future.

Water Filtration
A filtration system can be installed under the kitchen sink for drinking water or as a whole-house system. People tend to choose the whole-house versions if the water is odorous or heavy in iron or other mineral content. That can make taking showers and baths unpleasant, and iron can gradually make laundry turn yellowish. Rural homes not hooked up to a municipal water system in Wilmington or one of the surrounding towns are more likely to need a filtration system.

Sump Pump
A sump pump tends to be considered optional, but it can be extremely helpful for preventing water seeping into a basement during heavy rains or a melting snowfall. Even in relatively swampy areas, some home builders have constructed houses without a sump pump system, leaving the residents having to manage water coming into the basement. After a plumber installs a well for the pump and adds all the equipment, water now runs into that well and is dispersed outside through a drain hose.

A company such as Horizon Services can send skilled plumbers to install all these types of equipment.

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